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AV Trends in Schools

Most schools now have white boards and projectors around the school. Most teachers are up-to-speed with how to use them, and if they get confused they can always ask the kids! Jokes aside, many schools now educate the children about stranger danger, and computing is part of the national curriculum, and from Key Stage 1 (infants from age 5) coding forms part of their lessons.  We envisage many enthusiastic teenagers, who are being taught now at 5 to later get into graphical programming such as Arduino!

Technology is a huge part of school life now, and most schools are buying into, or have bought into tablets. The most popular that we supply is the iPad, and of course often we also supply a range of other Apple products such as the popular Apple TV.  Some schools ask about other tablets and in particular the lower end of the market, price wise. We do have plenty of feedback regarding tablets, including the Hudl, so get in touch if you would like some advice, and UK sourcing.

Most schools have CCTV and door entry systems for added security. Some have a welcome screen in reception. A few savvy schools, will allow suitable adverts to be show on digital signage, hence creating a revenue stream into school.

More and more schools, colleges and universities are interested in outdoor AV systems with several going for projection using outdoor environmental housings to protect the projector.