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AV Industry Continues Expedient Global Growth

protective projector enclosures growth

A study by Acclaro Growth Partners is projecting that audiovisual products and services will become a $114 billion global industry by 2016. The market was worth $75.5 back in 2012 and continues to grow expediently. Environmental projector enclosures will enjoy a slice of the action, as projecting anywhere, outside, underground etc continues to grow. The…

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Waterproof Projector Enclosures

waterproof weatherproof projector enclosures

Sometimes enquiries are received for quotes ask for a waterproof enclosures. It would be impossible to run a projector inside a housing, which had no air flow. That sounds fairly obvious, and usually what is actually required is a weatherproof, protective enclosure so that the projector can be used un various environments, safely. For example,…

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Enclosures Built for ALL Projector Sizes

all sizes of projector enclossures

All sizes of projectors are catered for when it comes to bespoke projector housings. Just look below at the tiny (but powerful and standard office projector) sitting on top of the huge enclosure. This was one of many that were manufactured to order for one the world’s best-known theme parks. On the other hand, we…

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FILM in Any Weather – The Lowdown

Go Pro equipment

Now you can film, or take pictures, of your world whatever you are doing either high in the mountains or below the sea without having to take big bulky camera equipment with you Action cameras are revolutionising the way we show the world our travels and adventures giving the user the opportunity of filming unique…

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