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Postal Museum Amazing Audio Visual Experience

We are hearing fabulous things about the incredible renovation and opening of Mail Rail – part of the Postal Museum, London!

An innovative and immersive audio visual experience was designed and implemented by DJ Willrich, using many global brands including NEC and Digital Projection projectors and Vizbox projector enclosures.

Some of the projection products can be seen in the photo below:

outdoor projector housings

Projectors and VIZBOX enclosures can be seen the right hand side

Immersive projected video mapping imagery can be seen to the left

The underground mail network was responsible for quickly transporting mail around the capital, via 22 miles of track, reaching 6 and a half miles across the city. IN WW1 the network was used to store arts from The Tate and British Museum. For other fascinating facts click to read the Postal Museum website. There are so many amazing facts about the rail network.

The general public may now visit The Postal Museum and enjoy riding on the rail network in the tiny carriages. There are a couple of surprises along the way for the visitors to enjoy!

This truly is an amazing work of art using the ultimate in engineering knowledge and technology!

Please enjoy the following detailed video about Mail Rail at The Postal Museum.