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Outdoor Projector Enclosure: (n) Outdoor, or environmental,  projector enclosures are climate-controlled cabinets which are used to protect projectors when they are being used in environments which would damage the hardware. Typically used in the outdoors. 

Examples of these environments are outdoors due to weather factors, underground, indoor swimming pools. Video Mapping is a highly sophisticated and impressive, often breathtaking film production onto external walls and is becoming increasingly popular. Projector enclosures are often used as video mapping is often outdoors.

VIZBOX is a world leading designer and manufacturer of outdoor projector enclosures. The company also design and manufacture indoor projector enclosures, audio visual enclosures and plinths and remote controlled monitoring and preventative maintenance solutions. 


Outdoor Projection

Learn more about outdoor projection

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Video Mapping

Video mapping is likened to film making of the current era. Using large outdoor (and indoor) surfaces such as  walls, often on buildings, video is stitched together.

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Outdoor Projector Enclosures

Now you CAN project anywhere.

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Working with leading projector manufacturers including Digital Projection.

HMS M33 Utilising cutting edge technology - designed and installed by Fusion AV who specialise in audio visual solutions for museums all over the world.



Studies show that retailers can increase footfall and boost sales with using exciting projected imagery.

Audio Visual Architects

AV architects create mind-blowing jaw-dropping technological homes and premises utilising the latest technologies such as wireless and remote controls

Plug and Play

Projector enclosures are simply plug and play - fit and forget with remote monitoring and minimal maintenance.

Underground Enclosures

Underground enclosures as used in tunnels for rail and road, and even cave systems!

Swimming Pool Enclosures

There are so many applications for projected imagery and film whilst people use a swimming pool. From sensory rooms, to special schools, the demand is there.

Weatherproof Outdoor Enclosures

Project anywhere - outdoor and in with any weather conditions with outdoor projector enclosures!