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FILM in Any Weather – The Lowdown

Now you can film, or take pictures, of your world whatever you are doing either high in the mountains or below the sea without having to take big bulky camera equipment with you

Action cameras are revolutionising the way we show the world our travels and adventures giving the user the opportunity of filming unique 4K High-definition POV (point of view) of footage of their adventures with the built in fisheye lens.

Go Pro leading the market

Go Pro leading the market

As well as being small and compact the cameras come in an assortment of shapes with multiple mounting attachments including sticky pad, table, helmet dashboard mounts and even chest and arm straps

Action cameras are not in themselves waterproof but need a waterproof casing that allows the cameras to be taken down to around 40m but due to the lack of a built in flash light, you would to have extra lighting below 5m to get good imaging

There are many different action cameras on the market offering many different features including Wi-Fi. 4K, GPS and built in screens but they are all inexpensive, compact, easy to operate and best of all, tough.